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HUGE PROBLEMS EVERY TRIP~ I searched high and low for a motor home as this was the largest purchase I've ever been faced with. After 9 months of searching I settled for this motor home because the TV was mounted above the table and not swinging from the cab over area and a few other physical features such as the pull out shelving next to the fridge. From day one the TVs didn't work. We would all be watching a movie and anywhere from 10-25 times all TVs would short out and turn off and turn back on within 10 seconds. The DVD player would keep going so we would miss that part of the movie. Sounds minor but very frustrating. I had to take it in twice to get that fixed along with other minor issues I won't bring up here. So here I am going on my first trip! I'm taking my 89 year old grandmother who is dying of pancreatic cancer to Corpus Christi to see her daughter for the last time. It was actually a year ago this week so it was very hot. The air conditioning broke and the fridge wouldn't cool unless plugged in. I stopped at 3 different places to have these issues looked at and was told this would take a deeper diagnostic and I would have to leave my motor home at a shop for days. So most our food was thrown out and what we felt safe eating we put in coolers which is EXTREMELY frustrating when you this is a BRAND NEW motor home! I actually bought it in 2017 and my motor home is a 2018 so I would expect everything to work! My poor grandmother had to ride in a motor home that felt like 110 degrees from Corpus Christi Texas to Oklahoma City Oklahohma. 13 hours. So we took it in and everything, including the tvs that still weren't working were guaranteed to be fixed. So after being without my motor home now on 3 occasions lasting 1-3 months each I've got it back. So here I am on my first trip after these issues were "fixed", a year later, and my husband and I get to our first stop 8 hours from home and everything in the fridge is warm and covered in condensation. WE ran the fridge at home with a plugged in motor home for 2 days to make sure it was nice and cold. I stocked the fridge and we left about 6 hours later. So now my warranty is up and here we are again with a fridge that doesn't cool! This is a HUGE factor! I'm just furious that I can buy a brand new motor home with 16 miles on it and have a fridge I can't use. TVs I am JUST NOW able to work, except the outside TV STILL won't play the movie we play on DVD. Did I mention the factory sink was horrible! If you turned on the water it would splash the counters, the tables, the floor! We had to change out the design of the faucet in order to run the water. Overall it's just been a horrible purchase. The issues were and are issues that really impact your trip and issues I would not have expected to have in a brand new motor home. Also, I will never purchase anything from McClain's in Oklahoma City every again! They are true jerks and don't care about anything once you've made your purchase. Things I like: The TV is in the hall and not individual in bunks walk-through bathroom pull out pantry storage tv is not a swinging tv from the bed above cab** seriously that was one of the key deciding factors!!! table across from couch spacious closet and drawers in master very comfortable over cab and bunk mattresses
- Jennifer Milligan, Oklahoma

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