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Our experience with this RV has been poor to date, 5400 miles. The primary factors are handling, defects, poor support and amount of time required to obtain action from Winnebago. And finding service facilities with openings. We still have a list of items from the delivery day that need to be addressed. The selling dealer only allows 10 items per visit. They had it over three weeks when we returned. We added front and rear sway bars, steering stabilizer, rear tract bar, Tire Minders to monitor proper tire pressures. Handling is better, excessive play in the steering is still there. The cab area A/C on this unit was recalled, we had been complaining but got a lot of push back. Finally we had another shop evacuated and recharged the system which was 1/2 pound low of Freon, (a 2.7 pound system), it helped but still inadequate. While on the maiden trip, the leveling system failed, one jack refused to stay up. No service centers were able to get the RV in, no emergency road service in southern Indiana. Once in Florida, no service center could get the RV in. We went to a RV center in Pensacola, after having it a week, they replaced the jack and the system was still messed up, one jack wouldn't stay down!!!. The kitchen sink drain line was not connected to the line or fitting under the floor, some of the drain water went into the floor more went into the compartments below. Didn't realize it for days, until it started smelling bad, ruined everything stored below, still smells poorly. Tore out the bottom of the cabinet to find the problem. Been waiting on resolution for the trip for over a month. Paid all repairs out of pocket, over $3000. Also had to get accommodations for a week and a rental car to return some of our party home, while we waited. Not even a sorry from the manufacturer, but they're pretty quick to point their problems on their venders, now our problem. Happy Retirement.
- M. S. Taylor, Arizona

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