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2021-04-23 2020 Winnebago Hike 171DB View Listings

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If you're looking for a well-built camper with an enclosed underbelly, this is a great option. Build - It's constructed with an aluminum frame and azdel insulation. If you're not familiar with Azdel, I'd never buy a camper without it - thicker insulation, doesn't mold, and low VOC (big difference e.g. the "camper smell"). The floor is also installed with screws, that's right, screws. The interior is still particle board, but it's covered with a durable/water proof covering. I like it b/c it's light gray and much more contemporary. Flooring is marine grade and seems to be pretty durable. Also has some nice details on the cabinets, but they're still laminate. Countertops are textured and seem to be pretty durable. Also, lots of light throughout. The 171DB - Best for singles and couples. The split floorplan is great - you really do feel like you have a separate bedroom. The pop-out also makes a big difference. Thoughtful, modern, built-ins throughout. Excellent storage (for a small camper) in the bathroom and kitchen. Storage (accessible from the interior) under 2 sides of the dinette. Also a small cabinet under the TV that's great for food or other items. No storage in the bedroom, but it does have a nice shelf, so I use collapsible baskets. Bathroom is also nice. Dry bath with a little counterspace, overhead storage (that's in the corner, so you won't hit your head) and under sink storage. Bedroom and dinette windows are designed to cross-ventilate and the bathroom fan actually vents the entire unit. Technology - Is pretty basic. It's prewired for solar (new units come with 100 watts). The stereo system is just okay. The tv is 110, so you'll need a generator to watch it. Outside speakers are fine. I plan to replace the interior speakers soon. Appliances - The 171DB comes with a convection microwave, dual burner (covered) range, and a dometic fridge that's about the size of a large mini-fridge. Fine for 1-2 people. It can also run on gas. Electrical System - USB ports throughout that are powered by the batteries, so you can you use them when the camper isn't plugged in, but they'll eventually deplete the battery (I added a 2nd) without solar. Enough energy to power the pop-out and interior lights. Solar will basically keep you topped up, but you'll need to add a generator to power AC (as with any camper). Furnace / Water Heater / AC - Pretty standard. The AC is a little loud. You can set the temp to a degree (hot to cold), but the fan always runs if it's on. I'm told it's pretty easy to install a thermostat if interested. There's a separate thermostat for the furnace. Water heater is 6 gallon with the ability to run on electricity and gas. With the comfort package, tanks are heated when the furnace runs (the furnace is ducted into the underbelly). They're not heated with powered pads. Unique Features - The outside rail system is incredible. It not only protects the trailer, you can attach just about anything to it - from yakima boxes to bikes. It also has an enclosed storage container for the tanks and batteries. Other Items (The Good) - I love the durability and raised frame. It also has a unique look that's a little different at first, but offer a lot of character. People tend to look when I drive down the road. If you're looking for a small camper with a bedroom, this is also an excellent option. The alternative being a Forest River RPod that isn't built as well. You can usually smell the quality of construction in a camper (poorly constructed campers have "the smell.") This unit had a light smell, but it went away as soon as I removed the coverlette on the bed. Strange. Also, I work in design, so aesthetics are important. This is much more modern, so it immediately appealed to me. And, Winnebago dealers are great. Towing - It's tall (10.5 ft) and has a little drag. You'll definitely need sway bars. I highly recommend a full-size for towing. My Tacoma works, but I have to drive it in manual mode and watch the transmission temp (I had to buy a gauge) - even though the camper is 3,800 dry and I'm rated 6,800. I'm going to upgrade as soon as dealer inventory returns to normal levels (terrible time to buy). I've heard that the F150 even struggles in the owner forum. The Not So Good - The Winnebago Owner Guide is useless. It wouldn't take much time/effort to create a guide and it would make a huge difference. Dealer support is great, so you'll just have to call them instead. Like any trailer, it's assembled on a line. It's pretty common for them to ship with kinked hoses. This often comes up in the user forum, so just make sure the dealer tests everything before you take it. Everything else is pretty solid. I haven't uncovered any issues outside of aesthetic changes I'd want to make to any camper. Outside of construction, the cargo access doors are too narrow (they're only about 10" high).
- Zack, Idaho

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