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2021-06-01 2019 Viking Express 9.0 View Listings

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Discovered the camper and thought about it for 2 yrs. The first one with just the bed was very basic and too small. The 9.0 has ac and heater. that's the one! traveled 260 miles to buy it. No regrets. Been a tent camper all my life- love being off the ground. As an experienced camper- saw the design flaws right off the bat. No rain fly. It NEEDS one! So- ya tarp it- plain and simple. Tarping over your camper provides shade as well as an awning for the windows and doors. Tarping solves the problem of any rain leaks due to the poor roof design. Not a problem. If the tiny fridge craps out- i don't care cuz i got a cooler. removing the fridge would create more shelving- so cool. The barbque set up is crap and the bracket mount is poorly designed. i don't care- i have a camp stove. It is light weight-- it is delicate design and building material- so take care of it. Good enough shocks- but man o man does it bounce around. do not pack things on the floor while in transit. it will bounce around and bang into the ac and the heater. Setting up is a dream- about the same time as setting up a tent, but my bed arrives already made. While the walls and roof are delicate design, the chasis is solid. We sat 4 grown men with a combined weight of almost 900 pounds on the cabinet areas on a cold night . They were thrilled cuz we had heat.Ours is named Alice Cooper- and we are going places. We use a suburu to haul it- gas mileage took a hard hit- goes from about 27mpg without the trailer down to 15mpg hauling the light weight trailer. We pack only lightweight stuff in the camper.It tows very easily- backs up smoothly.Floor plan is adequate for my needs-- rainy evenings are warm and cozy. Camping is afterall about the outdoor experience. The camper is for sleeping comfortably and a bit of a solid roof.We bought it just before- and i mean like one week before- manufacturing took a hiatus due to covid and its reprocussions. we got one of the last 2019 models avaiable.The price was right. The higher prices now do not justify the purchase of a brand new one. Look for a used one. People often buy a camper that they use a few times and then change their minds.
- JBerry, Pennsylvania

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