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Wow, what a love hate relationship we are having with our Van Leigh Beacon! We saw our first Beacon model back in January and fell in love with it! We sold our Grand Design Solitude to purchase our Beacon. The actual sales transaction was great but the service center that prepped our Beacon was abysmal. The service tech’s “set up” left us with numerous problems we thought we had finally resolved, but low and behold today we went to move our Beacon and the batteries were dead Yes, we had the shore power plugged into a 120-volt circuit. The service tech was responsible for a lot of our problems but Van Leigh’s quality control was a cause for the other problems we encountered including: A missing awning! No magnets to hold the passenger side garage door open! Our current electrical nightmare! An owner’s manual which is poorly illustrated, and inadequate! I realize that Van Leigh sends the Beacons off-site for painting but how is it they don’t notice an entire awning missing. There was another Blue Beacon with the same problem at this dealership. We want so much to love this RV, truly we do, but as each day passes and another problem is uncovered, we are questioning our decision to sell our Grand Design and buy this Beacon…
- Cam Vaughn, Georgia

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