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2019-08-06 2019 Tiffin Wayfarer 24FW View Listings

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Bought on 28 May 2018 1st Trip ESP light kept coming on Drivers side closet would not stay shut Logo & pain issues Kept stating Def fluid at 800 miles then again 2312 (we are well aware it needs it but not that soon at all) Air conditioner would not stay on (we were in Arizona in June with no AC to speak of) Drivers side would not come down on own, had to climb under and knock it down? Cruise control stopped working Generator would not stay on while driving to cool Front cab TV would not work ( was told later the TV was wired into Stereo even though I was told the whole time I was WRONG if one worked they all worked. Mobile mechanic was sent to Williams AZ to fix AC (Generator ( did NOT work) Blinds I paid 900 for up front looked like moths had lunch, yes they replaced but fell apart They picked up RV on 19 June put 800+ miles on it and returned it 28 June. July Road side assistance in Jacksonville Florida issue with Def Fluid (we were continuously putting it in) I am sure another time in between Johnnie got it but can’t find the papers They then again picked up on 2 May 2019and returned it 21 May another 800 miles All the propane went out and alarms went off after it was brought back 23 of May they had someone come check it for gas leak here local 11 June they picked it up again 800 miles added returned 10 July almost 1 full month, they were to check propane, refrigerator and other items ! 10 July again it was picked up and returned 18 July 800 miles again was to check the propane & It was sent back with driver as it was returned dirty stuff strewn all over the RV floors nasty etc.. so another 800 miles Get it back ! and Alarms go off on propane! So it was brought to Dads camper he tested the lines! Found nothing! About 70 miles there and back Now they have it again Dads camper going to install a new control box! This is the 5th Fix for the propane Tiffin did not like that someone else was working on it and felt it should be brought back to them? What for another month and 800 miles I had 11362 last time they brought it back been to Tiffin 4 0r 5 times so right at 4400+ (time it was brought down new) to us and Ken Neal was like well you got 9000 miles out of it? Uh no! as 4000 was taking to it to Arizona our very first trip and we had NO AC on the road! All they want to do is extend the warranty I believe it is been in TOO many times for various Also, I believe the try to hide issues as they do NOT give ONE piece of paper to show what was worked on, what was fixed etc, I have to rely on my notes, emails & phone calls. Any service department you go to always gives a print out of work done & checked? Why would they not? I also have a 2019 RV on a 2018 Cassis which to me lowers value there! And when you try to get something done it is a nightmare it is like well that is Mercedes problem? I own a car and when it had an issue dealer took care of it! Not going back and forth to manufactures I have my sign for Tiffin sells Lemons
- Barbara, Mississippi

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