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2020-08-20 2020 Sunset Park Traveler Toy View Listings

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2020 RV came with water damage presented as hot water heater leak prior to us signing the final papers we we assured by Travelcamp that they identified the source and it was fixed. However, later found out that 2 days before we purchased the dealer identified the roof wasn't installed properly and wasn't sealed. We requested it to be re-checked one month after purchase to get what we thought was the repairs from the previous water damage fixed. Again stated it was fixed. 7 months later we have complete roof, sidewalls and floor damage from water intrusion. The external siding was cut too short and came lose allowing water to run directly in the unit during a storm. This is what identified that the roof wasn't repaired as stated. 2020 is nothing more than salvage and the warranty repairs were nothing but cosmetic repairs (terrible workmanship). In fact, they ripped the protective barrier under the unit in two spots to poke at the flooring but didn't repair any of the waves in the floor.
- Jennifer Waite, Florida

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