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From the glorious mountains of the Cascade Range to the Pacific Ocean, our amazing Pacific Northwest is here for our enjoyment and Scott’s RV wants you to experience it! The RV Lifestyle is the least expensive way for a family to travel. We believe here at Scott’s RV that the RV lifestyle is all about recreation! That said, our process follows that same motto: Have Fun! See what Scott’s RV is all about! With a great staff, great products, full parts department and great services that go up and above the norm you will be pleasantly pleased! What are you waiting for? Start living the recreational life today! We are a family owned and operated company with over 20 years of RV, Truck, and Car experience. We buy, sell, trade, and are the leader in consignment sales on the west coast. If you have a desire to sell your used RV, Truck, or Car, we will get you the most money in the shortest amount of time. If you are looking to purchase a quality RV, Truck, or Car, you won’t find a better selection out there and at prices that can’t be beat!

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2020-07-16 Scott's RV - Vancouver, Washington

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FAIL: Scott’s RV in Vancouver, WA “YOU’RE NOT MY F*****G CUSTOMER!” -Scott’s RV, Vancouver, WA Everyone has bad days. Some people have bad weeks. Their cat just died. Their spouse left them. Their boss yelled at them… but there’s no excuse to repeatedly F-bomb a customer over a lost sale. Sadly, that’s what happened to me at Scott’s RV in Vancouver, WA yesterday. [removed for length. Search for title on Google for full review] ...And so, I called Scott’s RV and was connected with Dan, a friendly guy who sounded in his 60s, who clearly knew RVs. I told Dan which coach I was interested in, and he said it had just been released from a deal that didn’t go through, so I was lucky. Great for me… but, since I was living in Las Vegas, and Scott’s RV is in Vancouver, WA, I’d need to fly up there to see it (as anyone with half-a-brain, and less than unlimited money would do.) As most dealers would do, they asked me to put down some (refundable) good-faith money, to keep them from selling it before I got there for a test drive, and see it in person. I happily gave him my credit card and put $1,000 down. Then, I submitted Scott’s RV’s online financing form to start the loan process. [...] I booked my airline ticket and made plans for where I was going to stay for a day or two, and was ready to be in Vancouver, WA by Tuesday. On Tuesday at 11am I was at Scott’s RV in Vancouver, WA. The coach looked better in person than in the bad photos on their website. I met Dan, he took me to the coach, and we looked around for a few minutes, and I asked if I could just sit and absorb it all, and check it out for a bit, so he left. I spent over an hour in the coach, watching the technician fix the little here-and-there things that needed to be done. Dan joined me in the coach and we chatted for 20 minutes or so, talking about RV sales, his life, my life, and a little about the Fleetwood we were enjoying. He told me he’d been getting calls for the past week from potential buyers, but told them it wasn’t available, as I had already put down the good faith money to come look at it. [...] Dan was bothered, and excused himself to ‘help another customer.’ About an hour later, he came back and said he didn’t think they could go any lower on the price. I told him I understood, but I’d like to talk through the numbers anyway… but if they didn’t want to negotiate in good faith, I’d eat the cost of the trip from Vegas to Portland and they could refund my $1,000 good faith money – but I’d still like him to talk to the boss… unless he had the power to say no (or yes.) So, we left the coach and walked to the office, where I sat down at a table near the front door, while Dan went to the back. While I waited, a kid around 17 was sitting on a couch and chatting with other employees. It was obvious from the conversation that he was the owner’s son. [...] About 15 minutes later, he walked up to the table and put down a receipt for my $1,000 credit card refund, and kept walking. Apparently, they didn’t want to negotiate in good faith. That was it. I said “Sorry we couldn’t come to an agreement.” And that’s when poor Dan LOST HIS MIND! He turned around and started yelling at me: “B******T! YOU F******G WASTED MY TIME! YOU F******G TIED UP A COACH, KNOWING YOU WEREN’T GOING TO BUY IT! YOU’RE A F******G TIME WASTER! YOU COME WITH THIS B******T COACH ON EBAY THAT’S PROBABLY BEEN UNDER WATER AND IS DAMAGED TRYING TO GET A LOWER PRICE! YOU F*****G WASTED MY TIME!” I didn’t raise my voice or get angry. I said “Dan, I’m sorry. I want to make a deal here.” He walked out the front door a few steps, then came back in and continue berating me “NOW I HAVE TO F*****G SPEND ALL DAY ON THE PHONE CALLING PEOPLE BACK TO F*****G SELL THIS THING!” This time, I raised my voice and said “Dan, calm down. This is how it works. This is terrible customer service. Calm down.” His response was this: “YOU’RE NOT MY F*****G CUSTOMER! YOU DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING FROM ME! WHY SHOULD I CARE WHAT YOU THINK?!” To which I said, “Dan, I can still write reviews about this experience. This isn’t good customer service.” Again, bellowing at me, Dan says “WRITE ALL THE F*****G REVIEWS YOU WANT. WRITE A HUNDRED OF THEM, I DON’T F*****G CARE!” At that same time, the son of the owner of Scott’s RV, who had been sitting on the couch nearby, laughed out loud and said “Yeah, write all you want.” I wasn’t the slightest bit offended, or personally bothered – but I was shocked that Scott’s RV wasn’t even willing to negotiate in good faith. No conversation. No discussion. Just a credit refund, even though I traveled from Vegas to Vancouver with financing in place and ready to go.
- Dave Tavres, Washington

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