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2019-12-19 2016 Roadtrek Agile SS View Listings

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I've had the 2016 RT SS Agile for about a year now. To sum it up; I love it, it's my 2nd home. However, not going to fluff this. RT is not the best brand but it does not have to be. You can spend 10s of thousands more and get the Pleasure-Way but you can get a nice used on for way less. I've driven both the Zion and currently own the Agile. I prefer the Agile--on Mercedes platform. Though I did like the Zion based on Dodge Promaster but overall drivability and power on the Sprinter is better. But the floorplan is very similar; both have folding bed. Only thing I wished the Agile had was a bigger fridge. Everything else is similar. Also, I really love the Ecotrek system 200Ah lithium. There are some minor quirks with both the Sprinter and House (Agile). First, the underhood generator system is a 2nd alternator with regulator pair. Mine went bad, ordered new on eBay but also installed a 2nd charging system via the main battery underneath the driver's seat. Added a BlueSea battery separator with cutoff. Now I don't need to worry about charging the lithium even when the underhood system fail. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase of my Agile, it's my home away from home. Longest time on the road with my Agile was over a month, and I rarely missed home, and saved tons of money by not staying at a hotel in NYC. BTW, you can park it on the streets of NY and stealth camp, no one bothers you. Just make some custom cut Reflectix and put them on all the windows when you part on the street. BTW, buy used with low miles and save tons of money.
- John Kim, North Carolina

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