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2021-08-06 2021 Recreation By Design North American Custom View Listings

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Custom build 40 foot 5'er triple axle built in March this year. Built with a wheelchair lift for a special needs daughter. Major systems failed or don't work. Leveling system DOA, had to work directly with manufacturer of system to resolve. Improperly installed at plant. Awning tube was bent on first deploy, would not retract. Missing trim strip, holes in floor to under components reveal daylight... no sealant to keep outside out, including rodents. Stench in bath from bad air admittance valve. Water leak under kitchen sink. AND the piece de resistance: the lift doesn't retract properly. The lift manufacturer will not work with me because I'm not a certified repair facility.... And in all this, RBD has failed at every step. They will not fix a bit of it because their warranty is only on what they build, not the components installed. YOU have to work with manufacturers of said parts and then either fix yourself, or pay to have repaired. Overall construction is no better than a Jayco or Forest River, so at least you will know what you are getting. If you order a Ford with a Bose sound system, at least Ford will interface with Bose on your behalf to find a solution. RBD will not support you after the sale. Sales walks away, parts and warranty will hang up on you. The owner, Andrew Rush could not give a darn if you like it or don't: he doesn't care. If you want a custom build, there are other manufacturers that can and will do it. If you are in an RBD unit (off the showroom floor in Eastern states) that is letting you down... well just know you aren't alone and hopefully you will find a decent repair shop, because you are going to get to know those folks on a first name basis. Avoid... Just don't go there. I wish I had this advice when I started because I basically have a 18k paperweight.
- Carbonation, Illinois

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