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This is the worst engineered camper i ever seen. Its structure joints, woid and steel joints are of poor quality with poor joint setup. Some places under the steel bracket a 2x2 is missing and never inserted. its wiring a mess as well, poor quality. And these units have chrinic rain water leakage problems which renders the camper's walls and floors completely disintegrate. The design can be counted as very good but not excellent. But the way they put these things together is horrible. Lots of space wasted how they setup furnace and micro and hit water heater. A 7 year old school child could have thought out a better setting and structrual integrity better than the RVision engineers. Also parts very hard to find and its a project that will never end. Do not buy one of these unless you want to punish yourself and your family. Honest review. i git hundreds of pictures if hiw this thing is so badly put together from factory.
- Khan, New York

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