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We purchased this travel trailer for me to recover in after a bilateral mastectomy, because we were selling our house and had not found another house yet. My husband is back East for work (where we will be moving to). We have had nothing but issues since the day I moved into it. We had a water leak in the bathroom that turned out to be a hose for the outdoor shower that was cross-threaded with the plumbing. The exterior speaker did not work - the mobile technician said it was not hooked up. He corrected both. Within one to two weeks the GFCI in the bathroom began clicking (for 20-30 seconds at a time) then would trip the entire circuit. This happened once in a while, then increased in frequency. I was concerned I was overloading the circuit despite only having my TV, cell charger, and lamp plugged in. Then about two to three weeks ago, the refrigerator fan began blowing heavily (not a normal cycling refer fan), it would click like the GFCI, and then shut off. Mind you none of the circuit breakers would trip, nor would the fuses go out. Was told by a mobile technician, this is the inverter and I need to bring it to the dealership so they can make a claim against the manufacturer to fix it. So I may be essentially homeless and recovering from major surgery for up to a month. These issues should never happen with a BRAND NEW product! There are several other issues like the refrigerator doors were put on backward, the shower, drain, the kitchen sink, and other areas were either not caulked properly or not caulked at all. Trim for cabinets, shelving, and linen closet are cut short, there were holes in some of the shelving. The list could go on. I really loved this travel trailer when we bought it but it has been nothing but headaches and I am living in a tin shack, with no electricity or hot water. Pathetic!!! I would take it to the dealer and chance getting reimbursed for a new inverter except we are planning to close on our new house in AL in less than a month. So have to eat repair costs on a BRAND NEW travel trailer.
- Michele Bowers, Washington

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