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2020-11-03 2018 Pleasure-Way Tofino View Listings

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I have owned at some point a few of the Westfalia Vokswagen vans. The last one was an Eurovan. Always loved them. When I saw the new model Tofino by Pleasure-Way, I was hooked. It is short (18'), decent 17mpg, sleeps a couple and a child. The upper bunk is for 200lbs total. The fridge works off the lithium batteries or shore power. It uses very little and will run for days even without sunlight. LED lights everywhere that can be dimmed with a remote. The heater works off the propane tank and is very easy and efficient to use. Heats up the interior in minutes. The sink and water pump work great and the water last for days. I have used the outdoor cold water connection to shower and also use the propane hot shower aftermarket. The induction cooktop is super fast and use power for such a short time, it doesn't deplete your batteries. The 200amps solar panels have no trouble keeping the batteries topped off. I keep the bench down so the queen bed is always available. Lots of storage in the back. I use plastic containers and carry sometimes a cassette toilet for my wife. I don't need a toilet as it is so easy to find bathrooms, even in Death Valley! The fabric tent doors are great to use and to ease in and out. Great for air flow and keeping bugs out. Very easy to drive, just like any small van or pickup truck. No AC, unless you use the chassis AC. I just use 3 small usb fans to keep the air moving. The fridge keeps food cold and even in Death Valley, nothing spoiled. Always cold beer, cold water and cold fruits
- Thierry Willefert, California

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