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2019-09-29 1991 Palomino Filly Filly View Listings

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Back in 1992 purchased a brand new Palomino Filly pop up camper. Enjoyed for 6 years with the kids and family. We took very good care of this thing. After our last trip in 1998 we dried it out before closing it like we always do. In 2000 when I went to open it the whole canvas had disintegrated from mold. Water had some how gotten into this poorly manufactured garbage of a camper. After ripping out the useless canvas discovered all the wood in the rear left side floor to the upper shell had rotted away to a soft sponge. My thought was in two years of being closed it couldn't have rotted as bad as it did, but it did. Some how water had leaked or wicked from around the shell or possibly the poorly installed molding that surrounds all the seams of the aluminum covering. Since 2000 kept the camper in the garage hoping to repair it some day. Whined the clock forward to September 2019, decided to take the old camper out of storage to convert into a utility trailer. I went to YouTube to get an idea how various people were converting their camper trailers to a utility trailer? My first two videos, guess which camper people were converting because of water leak and rotted wood issues, yep, you guessed it right, a Palomino product. Looks like I wasn't the only unfortunate soul to experience Palomino Camper Water Rot Syndrome (PCWRS). While taking the Palomino apart discovered more wood rot along the whole front side of the top shell and more rot in the front side from the top shell all the way down to the cooler located on the lower right side of the entry way. On top of all this when I wend to serviced the wheel hubs discovered the big hub Castle nut washer was missing. This is the big washer that suppose to be installed between the big spindle Castle nut and the front bearing. So on top of Palomino giving you a cheap camper at a premium price they put you in an unsafe condition when going down the road. Hope this review was hopeful in deciding if your next camper will be a PCWRS.
- Pat, Virginia

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