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I bought my Pacific Coachworks Ragen toyhauler new in 2016. It's the biggest piece of crap on the market. I've replaced nearly every 90°, "T" fitting because of leaks. Seriously, nearly every fitting leaked... whoever put the plumbing together should be shot. The wall paper is falling off. Anything screwed into the walls is loose and falling off...I've had to replace almost every screw and install them the right way, with female expanding plastic wall fittings. The roof and vents leaked on our first trip and I find new ones every time it rains. Last fall while out of state hunting the heater and refrigerator went out, fixed two leaks (cut out and replaced two 90° fittings). I'm on a 10 day trip right now with the family where I've replaced 5 pex fittings, re-tightened every abs fitting. Replaced the propane regulator (emptied drivers side tank, leaked out the regulator vent in one day). Had to recaulk the was leaking big time.... cabinets are basically falling apart.... There's many more fixes I've done, but I'm tired of typing...I should light a candle, crack open the propane stove and walk away at this point...never buy anything built by Pacific Coachworks ....I bought it in a hurry before a hunting trip and didn't do any research....big mistake.
- harleyleighty1, California

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