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Nothing but problems when we purchased this trailer. I should ran and not walked away. We did not even make it home with the license plate or furnace door and the access door kept coming open as we were driving down the freeway. I came home and loaded the trailer with all of our stuff. The next day it had rained during the night and all of my towels in the bathroom were wet. The skylight was cracked. I called them and they gave me the run around.Finally agreed to send the parts to repair the skylight sent everything but the glue to fix. Got some sob story about it could not be sent thru the mail. I bet they purchase it thru the mail. Just trying to cut corners once again. The bathroom had small holes that were not sealed up during building it.I did not notice this before purchase. The sent some stripping to cover it up. Also chairs had rips in the corners that I did not notice before hand. I would of seen all of this if the walk thru would of went thru. But they were prepping the trailer something that we paid for. And I went out and noticed the ladder had been removed and asked where it was and the kid said he would talk to the service boss. Well i went back inside and the service boss started yelling and cursing that it did not come with a ladder . I said I saw one when we looked at. Well it did come with a ladder and I fought and they put the ladder back in. After that the kid that was finishing up on the trailer said to me and my husband I guess now because of my jerk boss i will not be getting a tip! Really a tip for doing your job. Well no he did not get a tip. And that is probably why our stuff flew off on the ride home. This is Best RV in Turlock. I would never never recommend them to anyone. They are terrible to deal with. So now I have a brand new trailer we have used 5 times with all kinds of problems that they will not even acknowledge or call me back on. the slide out went out a few days after the warranty expired. So we pull the motors out and one looks brand new the other looks like it has been laying in the mud for a year. I know that they will not help us out. Would not even help if it was not days past the warranty. I am so disgusted with our purchase and dealing with all the horrible service . Do not buy from Best RV of Turlock Ca. or Pacific Coach Works if you don't want problems.
- Aldine, California

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