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2021-03-10 2019 Northwood Manufacturing Artic Fox 990 View Listings

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This was a perfect fit for a post-divorce situation. The truck camper with box trailer combo makes for a sustainable platform that is fit for RV park or on the beach. I used an 8x10 box Toy Hauler trailer for a box my Harley, freezer, workbench, and oversized patio furniture and off-season clothes. The combo was perfect for keeping dirt and sand out of the living and cooking space. The floor plan was great for a home office situation. The gas stove was effective, but I found an instapot with an air fryer lid solved all bachelor cooking needs. Having the chest freezer in the trailer made space for daily needs in the onboard fridge/freezer. The Artic Fox 990 was comfortable in the sub zero temps of Colorado and the summer heat of Phoenix. The wet bathroom was a real plus! It made for easy clean-up and shaving was a breeze. I installed a bidet that really conserved water and reduced toliet paper needs. The medicine cabinet was adequate, but it was simple to hang simple storage nettings and Command Strip style caddies under the shower controls. 6 gallons of hot water was ample for two people, especially since the bidet help keep up with daily hygene requirements.
- allen, Arizona

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