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Bought new. First rains found leaks from 3 skylights. Dealer pulled and resealed. When at home, did water/leak test, found leaks from 2 skylights, one of which was MASSIVE. Pulled trim and ceiling speakers and found a ridiculous amount of black mold growing all around the speaker holes, backs of trim and speakers had standing water and the whole camper smelled like mildew/mold. Also, the styrene foam in the laminated ceiling was wet everywhere I checked. Pretty obvious that with the amount of water and mold (both of which were quite far from the point of the leaks) that this unit was leaking from the time it left the factory floor, and the water was migrating/moving around the whole rear part of the ceiling, within the foam laminate. Company refused to acknowledge the extent of the damage, and insisted that it could be "fixed" with minor remediation. I'm in a very bad "life situation" at the moment, just off a divorce, and moving out of state, so don't have the time, energy, or mental capacity for a protracted legal battle (even though my attorney is pushing me to take it on.....knowing that my case would be solid as granite), so I just donated the camper to a local charity for the tax write off, and am walking away. Maybe I was just the unlucky guy to get the one bad camper of the line????? Seriously doubt that though.
- griffin ordway, California

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