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We bought this unit new in 2016. It is a 2015-so the warranty went into effect in 2016. This past summer I noticed bulges on one side of the camper, contacted KZ, our insurance company and another RV dealer here in town. The other dealer and the insurance agent both concluded that it was caused by poor workmanship. The roof fabric was tearing on one side caused by the manufacturer cutting the roof plywood to short and the screws holding the plywood down coming loose. The tears in the fabric allowed water to seep in between the side walls causing delamination on the fiberglass exterior wall. KZ said the warranty was 14 months out of their normal warranty and we are SOL! I posted some comments ontheir Facebook page, which they took down and now they have blocked me from their page. Bottom line-don't buy any thing from KZ. When 2 outside parties both say it's a manufacturing defect and they won't do anything to help off set the cost- I'll never buy another KZ product again.
- Eldon, Minnesota

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