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PJ Caldero from Washington says:

What a total disappointment. We have owned several RV’s to include fifth wheels, travel trailers and a class c. This travel trailer is a total p

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What a total disappointment. We have owned several RV’s to include fifth wheels, travel trailers and a class c. This travel trailer is a total piece of junk. We weren’t able to take it out for a first trip until we had owned it for a little over a month. First night the carbon monoxide alarm went off at midnight. It was not a carbon monoxide issue. We could not get the alarm to stop so we had to pull a fuse. In the morning we replaced the fuse but then noted we had no lights and no heat. We were on the first day of a four day trip. Fortunately we were at an rv park and I had brought a small space heater. It was not enough to keep it warm but at least it provided something above tent camping. I spent over three hours on the phone between the manufacturer, our sales person, the sales manager. No solution to our problem after trying several suggested “fixes”. We went to the local hardware store and bought a camping lamp. Don’t you just love paying for a new travel trailer and have a very overpriced tent. I will say that the dealer we purchased it from was trying to help us resolve our issue. We couldn’t get the slide in so how were we to drag it three hours down the road to a repair facility? Forget the manufacturer, absolutely useless. They offered to send us videos of how to “override” the system to get our slide in. I gave up after they sent two separate videos that had nothing to do with our slide. In the end we had to have someone come and get into the electrical system. We are fortunate we didn’t burn to the ground. The main ground wire had never been properly stripped and was only making intermittent connections. It was so hot the coating wasn’t far from melting. We spent four days in this trailer and feel fortunate we weren’t a statistic. The dealer repaired the electrical and in the meantime found a crack in the fiberglass. Really, a crack? They offered to put a porch light over the repair. Looks kind of funny to have a porch light closer to the bedroom window. Second trip out about three weeks after getting trailer back. Really excited to finally have a functioning trailer, so I thought. Get to our destination and thinking we can listen to some music. No go, we have no power to the stereo system. I admit at this point I kind of lost it and started texting the repair people and my sales person. Woke up the next morning and stepped in a large puddle of water. We were staying at my sons so we went out and found that one of the side slide seals was folded under and both of the top seals had improperly opened. Yes I understand that seals can and will be an issue but on the second trip three of the seals fail to properly function? It took two days to get a response. It was around Thanksgiving but I’m pretty unhappy at this point. In the meantime my son and husband have determined that the stereo had a blown fuse and was probably related to them wiring the free porch light into the stereo. The inside of the trailer looks like it is raining. Even with an electric heater, fan and open vent the condensation is so bad the vinyl is starting to lift off the wall. We have never taken a shower in the trailer and the silicon is separating; causing the shower shell to start to lift away. The vinyl wall area above the bed has separated from the from of the trailer. The area is about 6 inches high running the entire length of the trailer. We are suppose to bring the trailer in for them to look at. We will see what the dealer does. I do feel fortunate that our dealer is trying to assist us. I’ll report after we see what they are willing to do. As a final insult, when we got home the lock on the door seems to have broken as it is now spinning freely when you try to use the key. We now have only the deadbolt functioning. This is a trailer we purchased less than 3 months ago and have used twice. I have documented everything with pictures and videos. Save yourself a lot of money and frustration and please do not support this manufacturer.
- PJ Caldero, Washington

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