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I purchased this wrig new 3 months ago from Curtis Trailers Portland, Oregon. I live it in full time and did a big trip straight out of the dealer's lot upon delivery. after 7000 miles through 11 states it only had one minor issue during the first 2 months - the water pump backfilled the fresh water tank causing it to overflow out the fill port a couple of times. since that trip it has had a few other issues during the last few weeks. the furnace stopped working (bad sail switch), the vinyl floor ripped under the weight of a misaligned pantry door, the tongue jack was intermittently inoperative and sometimes continued to run after taking my finger off the control switch (bad ground contacts). the tongue jack also started making a ratcheting noise and klunked badly while lowering. one of the gray tank blade valves was very hard to open and close (the dealer found excess adhesive in there causing it to bind and replaced the entire valve) and the kitchen sink pipe fittings had a very minor leak (both were replaced). Curtis Trailers (Beaverton) fixed everything under warranty except the water pump and ratcheting tongue jack as they couldnt duplicate either issue. but they did make a note of it in my file so it can be repaired under warranty in the future. The floor repair is perfect and not noticeable in any way (looks like brand new). I found their service personnel very accommodating and easy to deal with. I was very impressed with the quality of work they did and the fact they completed it on time in just a few days. This trailer has the perfect floorplan for me and i find it very comfortable to live in despite constantly moving from hot to cold climates. it has just the right amount of storage and plenty of living space. i never feel like the walls are closing in on me. the colors and materials used inside are very inviting and not like the typical RVs im used to. i am a bit unhappy with the production quality of the cabinetry and wall panels - ive found dozens of loose screws and several that just fell out on the floor (half of which i have no idea where they belong). but that stuff is easy to repair myself and i havent had any further issues since i went around and inspected/tightened every screw i could find. ive also spent some time insulating gaps inside the cabinets where plumbing & wiring are routed - i could feel a lot of cold air coming in around these huge gaps (some are 2-3" wide). ive also added rigid foam insulation to all the storage compartment doors as i could feel the cold air creeping into the trailer from these spaces - the pass through storage especially as its not insulated or heated and is directly beneath the bed. my half ton pickup pulls it well even though i'm close to maxing out the cargo capacity of the trailer so im very pleased i went with an ultra lite model. in general, im very happy with the livability of the wrig and the comfort level. it's had some issues but mostly minor and teething issues should always be expected with any new wrig. cant say enough about Curtis Trailers - their sales, parts dept and service dept at BOTH of their locations are exceptional.
- Roger Templeton, Oregon

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