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Kathleen Dahl from Kansas says:

When we bought this trailer, we were told a few things, all things we NEED in a trailer. My husband is a traveling MLT, so we can't have a stationary

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When we bought this trailer, we were told a few things, all things we NEED in a trailer. My husband is a traveling MLT, so we can't have a stationary home. 1) It is a 4-season trailer. FALSE! Our pipes froze repeatedly last winter, even though it didn't get THAT cold or stay very cold for very long at a time. Even with a heated water hose and insulation for the sewage hoses, everything froze at least 3 times in the span of a month. 2) It's a pretty solid trailer and everything is in working order. Now, this one was something I was wary of because it seemed pretty inexpensive for a 3-bed travel trailer. So, I made sure they tested EVERYTHING before we took it off the lot. Unfortunately, everything that has broken since we purchased it has been broken more than once AND the first things that broke did so in the first 3 months. ~Air conditioner continuously threw breakers every time it ran for longer than about 5 minutes, which is about how long it runs when it's set to cycle. So, it would run once, then throw a breaker. ~The furnace was about the same way. It would run for a while then suddenly shut down. What's dangerous about that is when the furnace is heating, it can be a fire hazard in this trailer because it gets REALLY hot. If it suddenly shuts down, the fan shuts off, too...not cooling it fast enough and increasing the chances for a fire. ~The master bed is structurally unsound. The base of the bed collapsed within a month. The end of the bed has a storage area and the lid is the foot of the bed. It's on hydraulic hinges and they lasted about 3 weeks. Before any questions are asked, we hadn't done anything vigorous in it. We had slept in it, but the bed started sagging. It never really got fixed as it was. We removed the hinges and bolstered the frame ourselves. ~The head of the bed, the wall is curved. Unfortunately, it came to us with a huge gap between the paneling and the cabinet above the bed. It is also VERY drafty. Throughout the winter, we had to stuff some insulation up there to keep from freezing, and that only kinda worked. ~The pipes under the trailer burst at one point, in the summertime, and we had to poke a hole in the underbelly to drain it. I'm pretty certain they didn't do anything to it to fix it. We now have a deluge in our trailer...not our kitchen-our TRAILER. It is still leaking. Whatever they did to "fix" it either didn't work or they didn't do anything to it. ~To top things off, I can't even show you the damages we've had since we got this thing because the website won't allow me to upload any pictures!
- Kathleen Dahl, Kansas

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