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Paul from Arizona says:

After one year of ownership I am very happy with this RV. This is my fourth RV but first Motorhome. This is our second Jayco, our last was the Jayfe

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After one year of ownership I am very happy with this RV. This is my fourth RV but first Motorhome. This is our second Jayco, our last was the Jayfeather 16XRB which also performed very well. This is an entry level coach so don't expect high end features or high quality cabinetry at this price point. The only interior complaint I have is in regard to the wall paper surface they used on the cabinetry, the glue is letting go in a few places so I have to peal it back and apply more. Not a huge deal but could be better. All the appliances and generator have worked as they should, two of my favorite features are the ability run the generator while we drive to run AC and the gas/electric water heater. Both are new to me coming from entry level travel trailersThe steering from the factory on the Chevy chassis was very hard to keep in a straight line. In heavy wind it was nearly impossible to keep on the road at highway speed. I added a Reflex Steering stabilizer and the difference is night and day. The coach is much easier to drive now, wind and large trucks still push it but nothing that isn't manageable. The 22A on the Chevy chassis has over 4000# of cargo capacity but it's on a fairly short wheelbase so this also leads to the touchy steering. To help this, I started filling the fresh water tank, located close to the front end, and moving some of the cargo forward of the rear wheels. The small changes have made a substantial difference. The livability of the coach has been great, it does have the corner bed but I think the slight inconvenience is a small price to pay for keeping the overall length short. Tank storage has been more than sufficient for our family of four, battery life is good but it will need upgrades when we start doing more boondocking. We added a memory foam mattress topper from Costco, same one we have at home, and we sleep just as well on the road as we do at home. Mileage has been as low as 8 when towing the Jeep and going through mountains in AZ, UT, ID and WA and as high as 9.5 not towing going from Phoenix to San Diego. So far so good, we plan to keep this RV for at least 5 years, that's way longer than usual for me.
- Paul, Arizona

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