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I'd give them a zero if that were an option. Our shower started leaking after the first time we took it out. It has been in the shop for the leak 6 times and the problem continues. The problem seems to be a design flaw. I emailed jayco and asked them to help. The shower has been resealed several times and the shower frame and door was even replaced and continues to leak from the same area. I asked Jayco to help and they said they would review our service records. They wrote back and said the problem wasn't found until after the two year warranty expired so they wouldn't help. I got a copy of all of the service records from the dealer and it turns out the dealership found and attempted to repair the leak before the trailer was delivered to us when it was new. Then we brought it back a few months after we purchased it because we noticed the leak. The trailer was in the shop 5 times for the leak during the 2 year warranty period and again after the 2 year warranty expired. I emailed all of the service records to Jayco and they wrote back and said their decision stands that they will not assist with fixing the leak. What a disappointment. The shower clearly has a design flaw that leaks and Jayco will not stand by their product. The dealer we bought from no longer sells Jayco products. Clearly they are not a dependable company. I would not recommend buying their products.
- Heather E McAlexander, California

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