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This is my second RV and have made great memories in it some good as well as some being bad. I will start off with what i like about this model then work my way to the nitty gritty. So lets get started I took the RV to get fully inspected before a trip my family and I wanted to go on and they came back with some bad news, my black water tank was being punctured by a bolt of the chassis. So they told me to call the dealer to get it fixed because it’s a manufacturer error and should be covered even passed warranty which had unluckily just passed, but they still took care of it lucky for me. When this was happening I told them about an issue i was having with one of my jacks randomly coming down while i drove (happened off and on since i got the RV, first trip we took we had to call them cause it had come down and had no idea what to do). They fixed that right away too. That’s why i have given a 5 star there. The layout of the RV is what made us WANT this model more then anything, everything is well placed and when the slide-outs are extended there is plenty of room for us and our 3 dogs (yea i meant to put 3). Now to wrap it up the bad in consecutive, I swear i find a screw to something every time i sweep the floor, the wood used on some parts of the RV feels way too flimsy, and last thing i can think of my door swung open so the stairs went down WHILE DRIVING, is there not a safety mechanism in place to prevent that? Yea I should’ve secured my door but the door was fine but no had to pull over and shut it so my dog didn’t jump out and I unfortunately hit something now they don’t fully collapse. I don’t know if something was missed in the warranty work because on the bill they fixed the stairs too and before that i swear the mechanism work everytime I turned on the car but eh I just keep finding little quality issues and that’s why it’s so low. Hopefully can trade it in for a gem and not a lemon but gotta convince the wife, wish me luck as i do to anyone who reads this.
- Jordan, Arizona

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