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2020-02-12 2020 Highland Ridge RV Silverstar 373RBS View Listings

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Worst investment of my life. Bought a brand new 2020 and in the first week have over 25 items that do not work some small, some major. First week rear bathroom not working, lines reversed and after multiple attempts to fix found out they installed small line instead of 3”. Door cannot lock, water heater does not work, slides leak all within the first week and I haven’t even added in the small stuff. When talking to them about warranty, even extended warranty only response from Company or place we purchased is bring it in and we will see if or when we can get parts to fix. Half them time no response when scheduling appointments then tell us dates and times don’t work for them even though we bought this brand new with extended warranty over $80k out of our pocket and nothing from them. Think wisely and stay clear of Highland Ridge as their warranty means nothing and customer service is some of the worse I have seen in the industry!! Also they make you give at least one star to even place this review when really they should get none, FYI. Don’t make the mistake we did!
- Jeremy Owens, Texas

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