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Ryan from Texas says:

I purchased this trailer brand new, manufactured 6/30/17 As for the quality of the Gulfstream Kingsport 268BH, unless you are a skilled technician

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I purchased this trailer brand new, manufactured 6/30/17 As for the quality of the Gulfstream Kingsport 268BH, unless you are a skilled technician I would not purchase. Here are the issues with the trailer after one month of ownership. 1. Both front and rear doors windows leak water badly with rain or wash 2. A/c thermostat is 8 degrees off and randomly changes temp settings occasionally setting itself at 90 degrees 3. Found several big holes around conduit, electrical cord and wiring leading into unit 4. The rear most led light flickers constantly 5.The light covers above dining table were not assembled correctly making the use of tools necessary to replace bulb that burned out after 2 days of operation. 6. Light above kitchen stove burned out after 4 days and continues to burn new small automotive type bulbs out if you replace them. 7. The storage doors on the outside did not seal properly exposing air/ water gaps into unit. 8. The trim around bathroom door came off on day 2 9. Bathroom door does not shut because of large gap between door and frame with trailer on level ground 10. There is a piece of trim by the bed in front cabin that looks like it was broken during assembly so they put about 1,000 brad nails in it and it still doesn't fit right 11. Both black and grey tank levels show 1/3 full all the time even when allowed to drain fully 12. Hot water comes out of faucets cloudy due to hydrogen gas being created inside of unit 13. The fridge likes to frost and then randomly defrost on its own leaving water constantly pooling in the rear. I dont trust the non adjustable temp for meats and perishables 14. The a/c cools well but randomly goes into 3 minute cycles shutting on and off for up to 30 minutes at a time 15. The wiring attached under the slide is too short in length so when slide was fully extended for the first time it pulled tight and broke the fastener holding it up in place 16. Trim missing on bedroom cabinet, never had it in the first place. No idea. 17. Both the kitchen and bathroom faucets broke after 2 weeks of use 18. The entire bathroom had to be re caulked. It wasn't even done in the first place? Seriously... water and particle board does not mix well. How can they sell it like that? 19. Had to replace the toilet after 3 weeks due to cheap construction and a bowl that would not hold water. 20. The connections on electrical trailer brakes were not made properly and found a disconnected wire to left rear wheel that probably happened during its first and only 200 mile journey 21. Had to caulk and seal around stove/ kitchen since it was not done at factory 22. The dining table is the most wobbly thing I have ever had the pleasure of eating at. 23. The dining cushions are not even that providing no support for me bum and they slide forward gradually as you sit. 24. I discarded the mattress. Didnt even want to attempt to sleep on it. 25. The shower curtains were meant for a 72" shower 26. The tub/shower works for people 5'6" or less... luckily I am 5'6". 27. If you press pause on your device music, the bluetooth stereo mode picks up am radio signals and plays a random radio station quietly. 28. Both roof vents have not opened fully since day one, stripped the gear on bathroom vent trying to open first time and had to dissassemble to close. 29. City water connection broke the first time a hose was attached I am sure I am forgetting a few things. I am ok with this trailer even with all of the flaws as I work on things for a living. Buying this crappy new trailer made more sense than buying a few year old crappy trailer and still having to work on it for not a whole lot less than I paid for this one. If you are not comfortable with regular repairs then spend more $$$ and buy one better quality. You get what you pay for.
- Ryan, Texas

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