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2019-09-04 2020 Grand Design Momentum G-Class 25G View Listings

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What a piece of ****! Must have had my stupid glasses on when we decided on a grand design. We have 3 pages of a legal pad full of things that don’t work or are less than perfect. I would love to list them all. The construction quality inside looks like it just have been put together on a Friday afternoon, both ACs is not run at the same time, the Cummins 4000 won’t run the AC and anything else...let alone both of them. 30 amp service for 2 15 amp items. Stupid. Slides are growling like they are about to snap, the fold up bed system slept ok for 2 nights, now we need a new mattress. The trailer shakes and rattles EVERYTHING out of its stowed spots, the water tanks fill up then spill out 100 gallons 2 times so far the “pressurized” water system basically creates a sipening that cannot be stopped. All the “wood” work is wallpapered cardboard, all the trim is plastic and flimsy, cabinets also don’t close correctly ALL.... oh man I could go on and on but I just get more pissed off! Don’t waste your money on this company. They are THE WORST EVER!!
- Darin Carner, Oregon

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