Georgetown 5 Series GT5
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This is our 3rd Motorhome and by far the best. We have had it for about four months and so far so good. The floorplan is near perfect. The handling on the road is very stable and strong. The finishes are not as good as a high end but we knew that going into the purchase. A little super glue and polish and it is very nice to look at and live in. the exterior surfaces are very durable and stay clean looking even when not. The bathroom/shower is spacious and usable. The bedroom is a little tight but not an issue so far. The sofa is a dream come true and the dinette gives you much legroom and comfort. There are two engineering issues with the coach. The first minor one is the bathroom faucet is placed far back from the sink and you can't use it with out getting some water on the back part of the counter. The major issue is with the entire exterior water/sewage area. Whoever designed this must have never RVed or is a complete idiot. The water attachments/outside shower are in such a poor position that they are nearly impossible to use. I removed the outside shower as it smashed up against the door each time upon closing and cracked the face plate inside. The water attachments (city/fresh fill/black rinse) cannot be used with the door closed so I bought a l fill for the water and only do the other when needed....but the biggest issue with this area is the sewer, black and grey....dump. You must forcefully tilt it into position to use in which only a very limber small child can get to. The Levers for both tanks are so far recessed that you cannot tell where they are and when they are fully back into closed position. I am sure no one from Forest River will read this, so it is for a warning to anyone considering a purchased of this otherwise wonderful RV. The other item I might mention is the inferior or non customer service from the FR service hotline.....2 email response. All this being said we love our new GT5.
- Tom Rudolph, California

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