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The exterior was put together poorly. My wife and I bought our 2019 vortex on 6-11-18. We really enjoy taking it out and we use it quite a bit. We bought it in Beaverton Oregon. Just a couple weeks ago around the 1st of July 2019 we were gonna wash it when I noticed the where the front end cap and the right side of the trailer meet together up next to the roof in the corner had started separating the vinyl is peeling off and the caulking is nonexistent and the black seal around the edge where the front end cap and the right side of the trailer meet was coming off. There is about a 2 inch gap. Also when the running lights in the front top of the trailer we’re installed the fiber glass had cracked but seeing as how it’s where nobody can see I guess the manufacturer just half assed it and sent it to the dealership anyway. I called to see if it was covered under warranty and was told that my warranty was expired on 6-11-19 so a little more then 2 weeks after the warranty expired I started having issues and the manufacturer could care less. All in all nice trailer but I don’t think I’d recommend it to friends or family. I’d recommend a trailer that may be a touch more expensive but is better built with attention to detail.
- Justin Coker, Oregon

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