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This unit is horrible. As a brand new RV, it has over 30 problems that need to be addressed. All 3 slide-outs leak horribly and water pools inside on the floors and the carpeting is soaked. The oven won't light and is not deep enough to accommodate a normal baking pan, the water heater isn't even assembled properly and doesn't work, the fixtures (window frames) are literally falling off the walls, the entrance steps aren't aligned and can't be pulled down without muscling them down, there is very little air coming out of ceiling vents, the closet doors are warped and don't close properly, there are gouges, scratches and nails in the walls and many things are mounted crooked. The construction of this RV is the worst I have ever seen, and the materials are cheap and inferior. It is totally unacceptable and I am worried about many things I cannot see. If this trailer is so bad direct from the factory, I can only imagine what will happen to it if we take it out on the road. I would NEVER recommend purchasing one of Wildwood's brand of RVs. I am in the process of getting them to BUY BACK this awful piece of junk.
- Roberta Matwiczak , Oregon

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