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2019-04-20 2015 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen Lite 356QBQ View Listings

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Purchased from Dealer up North. While the floor plan is very good overall quality is fair. Like others I have not had thungs fall apart while towing. I also have not had any problems towing this unit. Interior quality could be better. Finish looks like wood, but it is actually a papper fiber like finish with similar material behind it. Some corners have delaminated after 4 years and no one knows how to fix.We did need to replace the mattress and put better foam in the seats of the dinette. My biggest overall complaint was with the number items which need to be fixed or replaced. This was a brand new unit or at least thats what I was told. Dealer kept saying this was an untitled unit. Later found out it was used as a show demo. The unit was tied up in service so long that Forest River extended my warrenty for an additional 6 months and helped find an other dealer to fix items which the selling dealer never bothered to fix. What these dealers did not fix my wife and I took care of. In terms of use of this RV my biggest problem is how little fresh water the ubit holds. It's some thing like 35 gallons which is nothing with 2 bathrooms and 2 showers. If I want to boondoggle my time is limited unless I have an auxiliary water bladder in the back of my tow vehicle. Overall this RV is serving it's purpose. Yes there are items which could be better quality, but after looking at newer units no one else has a floor plan like this and anything which comes close is twice the price. I am more dissapointed in the dealer than the manufacturer.
- Steve S, Florida

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