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2019-09-03 2020 Forest River Wildwood FSX 260RT View Listings

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Purchased a brand new 2020 FSX 260RT in August. Tows ok. Problem is workmanship. In 2 weeks of ownership and a 10 day trip the following problems are found. Front door has to be slammed. Noticed this on walk-thru at delivery, but I didn't actually try it. It is heavily contacting the latch and top corner of jamb. Multiple plumbing leaks. Manufacturer forgot to caulk shower. Vanity cold water supply line leaks. Kitchen drain leaked due to being loose. Leaks right on top of electrical management center that is mounted oddly, right below sink and plumbing. Electrical outlet wall cutouts are oversize. Outlets are only secured by one screw. 10x11 inch hole hacked out under shower to clear a 2 inch drain trap. They also cut into the underbelly liner. Fake "oven" drawer under range top fell out during travel shredding the cabinet base. Was only mounted by 2 small, loose screws. Upper sections of walls are very visibly wavy on the exterior of unit. I'm not sure what sort of error causes this. I would discourage everyone from purchasing a Forest River anything. The only reason I did, was that the original used camper I purchased from this dealer leaked heavily. So I got them to rescind the sale and I purchased this unit instead. I was kind of stuck since they had already processed my trade-in.
- Bryan , Missouri

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