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2020-03-01 2016 Forest River Wildwood Deluxe 39FDEN View Listings

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We own a 2016 Wildwood Deluxe 39 FDEN destination trailer.We bought as a 1 year old in fall of 2017 and this is our 3rd season using it approx. 3 months of the year in Florida. We have had multiple issues with this trailer. --2nd season had to replace the living room air conditioner due to it freezing up and dripping on the floor, service guy said it was a very poor quality unit. --we had a water leak in the corner of the dining room slide by the main wall that we had repaired 2 times last season but over the summer it still leaked and rotted the floor and damaged the wallboard. We had to replace a 2 x 6 foot area of the floor. --the leather on the reclining chair cracked and peeled and it had to be thrown out. --we had a another water leak by the front bay window that destroyed the right hand end table, the water came in through a clearance light that had fallen out due to lack of caulking at the factory. --the rear air conditioner runs continuously and does not shut off, we haven't dealt with this yet. --there are many other minor issues that are due to poor product quality and workmanship that I haven't mentioned. I would like to hear from other owners of this model if they have encountered the same problems and how they fixed them. I contacted Forest River for some help and they blew me away by saying your out of warranty and there is no coverage. I asked if they would supply us with a new end table and I would install it and they flatly refused. They said I could order one from a forest river dealer and pay for it. I thought forest river would have some goodwill warranty but I guess not. It appears that forest river has very poor quality and workmanship and does not stand behind their products. This is the fifth RV we have owned, the most expensive and the poorest quality, I will never buy a another forest river product.
- kojamae, Florida

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