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I bought my Wildcat Maxx Trailer new in August of 2017. I'm a snowbird and live in it during summers in the northwest. I love the Trailer. It is a higher quality which shows in the cost. Real wood inside makes it extremely beautiful. Here is my complaint. One buys an expensive trailer, it looks great, and then you live in it. The sofa is so uncomfortable; you can't get away from the center steel bar that runs down the middle. You sit on pillows to survive it. Miserably uncomfortable! The dining table cushions are also awful. Cheap foam! I have put cushy rubber mats for standing and cut them down to fit under the cushions for some help along will pillow sitting. I write, and it is a terrible place to land for any time. So I've had it. I spent $120 on new 4-inch foam and replaced all the old cushioned foam and also shoved it into my sofa! I just finished the installation that took a couple of hours. What a difference! It is marvelously comfortable. I'm thrilled! My question to you, Forest River, is: Why do you go cheap on something so crucial to our daily experience? You put in a sound sleep mattress. You get a trailer Manufacturer priced at $47,000, and from the get-go, you can not comfortably sit in it! I fix it for $120, what would have cost you $30? It was vital for me to write a review because I have spent so much time bitching at your poor quality and my discomfort that I felt I should finally tell you about it. It sure makes me think that as a company, you don't have it together to miss something so important. By the way, I am ending my irritation right here and now, this subject is closed. And as I say goodbye, my bottom is the happiest it has been in my Wild Cat! Trish Hatley !
- Trish Hatley, Washington

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