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2018-08-11 2019 Forest River Salem Grand Villa 42DLTS View Listings

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I loved this floor plan. I still do. I’m a recently divorced dad and have 3 boys so the 3 upstairs loft beds couldn’t of been better! However..... the quality of workmanship is horrible. There is too much to list and I’m not a picky guy. I am also a carpenter and can fix a lot of the issues. If I had to buy it again I’d probably buy a more expensive 5 th wheel. As far as the bulk, I’m pretty lucky I guess. Everything works and functions as it should so I am pleased in that regard. I paid 43000 from dealer in Ohio, ( retail was 63000) 1400 for added washer/ dryer 4300 to ship to California and I am happy for now. It literally is the largest/ sq foot 42 pull trailer made. The design is great, just the craftsmanship is poor. If your super picky, don’t buy it you’ll be very disappointed. If your not, and your handy and you can get it at wholesale I think overall it’s a good deal. It’s basically 400 + square ft. Including the lofts. I think it’s the best deal for the buck and I love the appliances. Personally, I don’t know how they make money on these. They don’t sell these out in California so it definitely stands out
- James Peattie , California

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