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Boyd Bryant from Florida says:

We researched our Rockwood Mini Lite 2205 Minilite for 2 years. We looked a the 2019 and 2020 models and purchased a custom 2021 version of the traile

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We researched our Rockwood Mini Lite 2205 Minilite for 2 years. We looked a the 2019 and 2020 models and purchased a custom 2021 version of the trailer. This is our 5th RV having owned 2 tent trailers a Keystone Wilderness Travel Trailer, and a Keystone Copper Canyoun 5th Wheel. We closely looked over 8 of these before buying. Build quality is very good with only minor issues discovered. The Forest River Rockwood 2205s is the sister of the Forest River Flagstaff 22FBS which varies only in paint scheme. GREAT UNIT! The Unit is 23'7" long. It is a front bedroom center kitchen rear bathroom. It is equipped with a fireplace that allows for visual fire display with or without heat. What I like! TOWING Using the dealer provided Recurve Weight Distrib Hitch, the drive and handling was smooth flawless and EASY. OVERALL DESIGN: The floor plan allows for full use of the trailer without extending the slide out. It is roomy for a couple.. ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM In the 2021 model the IRV stereo remains the same as in the 2020 model. FANS AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICAL AND STORAGE The Max Air fan is a four speed model that does not reverse nor does it auto close when it rains. It does move a lot of Air. We opted for the 15000 BTU Air Conditioner athere are 2 pantries, 6 kitchen drawers, and 3 drawers under the full queen size bedroom platform. Both night stands have 110 volt outlets one of the night stands has no drawer opting instead for a usb and cigarette lighter plug 12 volt outlet. WIFI RANGER The device is powered by a switch on the control panel. It works to automatically amplify authorized wireless networks. If you aren't tech savvy you will need a laptop or tablet to access the unit. Our dealer provided a sticker on the control panel of the trailer with access information. You access the RANGER using a web address and can there authorize the Unit to connect and amplify WIFI within Range. You can also subscribe via T MOBILE and insert a SIM card into the unit for paid internet access. THEATER SEATS Our unit was ordered witht the double theater seat and no dinette table in the slideout. The heat in the seats has two levels and there are 3 levels of vibrating massage. These features work only when you are powered by 110 volt electric. the main cup holders are large enough form full size drinking glasses or travel cups like Tevis insulated glasses. Oven The Oven is large than most. It is a Sububrban Elite. Lighting the pilot light for the oven is semi-automatic requiring none of the old on your knees manual lighting of the pilot light. STORAGE Cabinet, pantry, and basement storage in the Unit is great. We utilize larger clear Sterilite Storage bins with fit perfectly long side oriented toward the cargo door. A total of 4 will fit across the width of the trailer. TV In the 2021 model the company shifted to a Sharp 30" TV the speakers are tinny but it runs on about 70 wats of power, making it easy to run on a small inverter that converts 12 vdc to 110vac. STEREO The IRV stereo / CD / DVD / AM FM / Bluetooth unit works well. It is not an audiophile level unit but serves the rainy day and evening viewing function adequately. EXHAUST FAN / COOK TOP Runs on 12volt power making cooking inside more bearable in the summer. FRIDGE FREEZER The Dometic Raise panel fridge has adjustable shelves and can therefore handle a fleet of large items like ice tea pitchers, milk jugs, and 2 liter bottles of beverage. It runs quietly. LIGHTING All lighting is LED and the living room area of the trailer has a total of 8 fixtures plus one in the bathroom for a total of 9 light fixtures. individual lights have a center button making it easy to adjust lighting levels. We have found generally that RV dealers regardless of brand carry such a wide array of products that they don't know basic locations of some of the equipment. An example is that the 2205S comes equipped with a water filter. The filter housing is located with the water pump in the bathroom vanity cabinet. Water pump locations, water filter location can be in out of the way locations. Some trailers and RV's don't have water filters. I am pleased that one is included in the Mini Lite line and is located in the Bathroom Vanity Cabinet; accessed by removing a small piece of plywood in the cabinet. All in all this is a GREAT Trailer, and I highly recommend this model to couples looking to travel alone. If G-kid space is needed a twin air mattress works.
- Boyd Bryant, Florida

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