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BEWARE HOW FOREST RIVER TREATS CUSTOMERS!!!! Once you sign they are done helping the customer. Purchased a new 5th wheel this season and had a few issues. Now it sits in the dealership lot for over 2 weeks. Contacted service at Forest River and they said the parts on back order when it comes in we will ship it and thats it. A common part on all RV'S is on back order hmmm how is it they keep popping out new RV'S daily. If the parts are on back order ??? Of course the dealership I used is just as at fault as Forest River for not following up and requesting the parts sooner. They had the trailer now two weeks and only requested the parts 8 days ago. But then again they are so crooked in this business you never know the truth. I have been reading a lot about how generally Forest River denies warranty work to prolong the repairs. So it is very possible they denied the original request and finally after 8 days in the dealership they approved it after of course me complaining about the issue. All I can say is look some where else when purchasing especially a new RV. Do your research. My recommendation is to stay away from Forest River !!! These big companies need a reality check!!! We are the consumer paying there salary helping to keep the company going. So why are you treating US this way ? BEWARE LOOK AROUND AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE BUYING ANY FOREST RIVER PRODUCTS !!!!!
- Sam, Michigan

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