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We recently purchased an Ibex as our first family travel trailer and, so far, we are very pleased with the unit. The layout is great for our family - we have two young kids. The bunks are perfect. The width and the headroom make the bunks feel like their own little usable space. We looked at multiple units that had the skinnier bunks, and I am very grateful that we did not opt for that floor plan. Additionally, the windows in each bunk make them feel more open and far less restrictive. I am just a bit claustrophobic and I don't think I could sleep in a skinny bunk with lower headspace and no window. I am 6'4", which eliminates at least 75% of all travel trailers in this class as a majority of them have the 74" "RV Queen." I refuse to spend the kind of money that these units cost for a squished sleeping experience or for my feet to hang off the bed. The full size queen Murphy bed is great for us and allows for additional seating space when in the up position. Because of the shape of the front of the unit, the bed can fold completely vertical, which means that it doesn't limit headroom while sitting on the sofa. The mattress if pretty firm, which doesn't bother me, but my wife is not a huge fan. We will likely add a pillow top cover and possibly replace the entire mattress. The model with the slide out, the 20BHS, was only about $1000 more, however we opted to go with the no-slide option for a few reasons. First, with all of the research that I did, it just seems like all travel trailers at this price point are earthquakes on wheels. I did not want to add a large, expensive mechanism that would have a propensity for failure. We also plan to use the unit off the beaten path a bit, and it just seems likely that the slide out could give way while rattling down a dirt road. Second, the unit has enough space for all of us to fit comfortably. Yes, more space is always good, however the 20MBS is 6 inches wider even with the slide closed and more than 12 inches taller. A smaller unit is appealing to us for towing and versatility purposes. The dining area is definitely tight. We can make it work, but we have a few plans for how to make it work a bit better for our family as our kids get bigger. First, the table doesn't sit flush to the wall, which is just kind of weird. The wheel well sits a bit higher to allow for more wheel travel, one of the trade offs of the "off-road" features, so the table could not convert to a bed if it extended all the way to the wall. My wife, who owns a woodworking business, is planning to build another tabletop that we will use to fit all four of us. We also plan to get two small, light, folding stools so that the kids can sit toward the corners of the table, rather than squeezing into the smaller seats. That said, this last trip the size was a little cramped, but it still worked OK for us. The features are great. We used the outdoor skillet and table. The sink is nice and deep. Ours did come with a different faucet than the standard 19MBH - my guess is that Forest River just ran out of the one that they usually use, but it works fine. We camped in 30 degrees our first night and the heater kept us toasty. It also hardly used any propane at all. I did consider upgrading to a two-tank system, but hauling the second tank in our tow vehicle works just fine for us. The solar panel and inverter work great. We haven't tested the 1000W limit yet, but it will run our coffee pot just fine. This is really not an "off-road" unit, even though it's advertised as such. It does have some nice dry camping features, and I am sure that it will be better than dragging any old unit down a fire road, but its also NOT an Opus or similar brand with true off-road construction. Truthfully, though, I had to ask myself how often I would use the off-road features and whether or not it was worth the $40K starting price of the legit off-road brands - it just isn't for us. The Ibex sure does look cool with the mud tires, though. There were a few issues with the unit when we purchased it: 1. The spring for the Murphy bed latch was broken -the latch still works, but it doesn't hold the pin in place. A replacement is on order through the dealer. 2. Two of the tires had uneven wear, likely from being dragged while the breaks were locked during delivery. The dealer paid to replace them. 3. The refrigerator, which is an automatic unit that should run off of LP when not plugged in to power and off of 110v when hooked up to 30 amp, would not run off of 110v. Figured out that the plug was tucked up in the compartment and just needed to be pulled out and plugged in to the 110 outlet in the refrigerator access. Works great now. Overall, we are happy with the purchase. I will be sure to update the review as we use the unit more. I found the reviews here to be very helpful in making our choice and I wanted to return the favor for other future buyers.
- Rich, California

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