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2021-01-26 2021 Forest River Cottage CCK40 View Listings

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Forest River Cottage CCK40 bought 1/5/21 paid in full Has major issues that the Forest River and the dealership refuse to correct It is now 21 days later and no one will resolve these defects After paying $3,000 to deliver the trailet it arrived with a scrape down the side from road debris Even though the dealer was pd $3K they said the accident is mine and for me to resolve The transport will not get back to us #2 the trailer was delivered without a power cord we had to stay in a motel another night We had to go out and buy another cord and pay for another night at the motel These were never paid to us #3 The refrigerator came with a broken cover inside the door after 3 days the ice maker stopped working it just leaks water inside the tray which freezes into one big block of ice Now out to buy ice trays I have spent hrs and days trying to deal with Forest River, the dealer, Best Buy and the Geeks No one is in at these companies or I am put in touch with someone else who is told the story again because the original person is not there 4# There is trim off the bathroom door was not hung properly, the windows are so hard to open it takes two of us to open one window I still have not received the Title because the dealer sent it to my other home and no one was there to accept I have no idea where it is so I can not finish registering this trailer There are other issues but these are the main ones I give Forest River a review of from 1 to 10 a 2 If I know a company owned by Warren Buffett would be run so unprofessionally and uncaring to their customers I would have never bought a Forest River Destination Trailer from them
- marlene.blauth, New Jersey

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