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2021-07-11 2020 Forest River Brookstone 310RL View Listings

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We bought our 2020 Coachman (Forest River) new in the fall of 2019. The first time the water was hooked up the basement was flooded I found one water hose not hooked up and one hose with the clamp not tightened up. Other problems were. 1-Tv had a blue line down the center of it. Warranty covered it. 2-Kitchen faucet would not spray. warranty covered it. 3-Could see about 1/4 inch daylight between the wall and floor almost all the way around the camper. Warranty covered it. 4-A.C the first time camping would not cool, found the divider between the supply and return air came loose. Warranty covered it. 5-Outside rear panel paint was smudged. Warranty covered it. 6-I was taking a shower and the grey water tank fell out landing on the ground breaking several of the drain pipes and pulling the underbelly off. The factory did not install the metal straps under the tanks to support the weight. One year out of warranty. 7-The kitchen and bathroom floors have soft spots in the flooring. One year out of warranty. 8. Outside speakers did not work. Warranty covered it. 9. Thermostat quit working. Warranty covered it. 10. Wires underneath the camper were secured. 11. Popoff value on water heater was leaking and needed to be replaced. Out of warranty. The dealer has treated us very well and has done everything he can in a timely manner. From what I understand Coachman (Forrest River) does not have any quality control and as a result we will never buy another Coachman or anything with the Forest River name on it again.
- Nick Guthrie, Iowa

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