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I am averaging about 100 mi/gal. This car tows four wheels down and you would never know it is behind the RV. It is simple to setup as you only have to dial the transmission to Neutral, lock the setting by pushing a button, and turning the car off. The car weighs around 3500 lbs. During most stops, we use only the battery power to tour around the area. If you run the battery down, the hybrid drive automatically kicks in. When we get back to the campsite we plug it into the shore power or the RV to recharge the battery. The power cord runs off of 110VAC. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery if fully discharged. We still carry the bumper-to-bumper warranty so if there was a problem, any Ford dealer in the US/Canada could service. The car has all the bells and whistles, plus Italian leather interior that is very comfortable. We love the car and would keep it but since it has all the tow equipment installed, we thought we would give someone else the chance to enjoy it.
- Paul Steward, Pennsylvania

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