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Ailan Cole Williamson from Texas says:

I have been RVing since 2004 and over a 100,000 miles experience, I would NEVER buy another Dynamax due to poor Quality Control and poor Attention to

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I have been RVing since 2004 and over a 100,000 miles experience, I would NEVER buy another Dynamax due to poor Quality Control and poor Attention to Detail which is one of their mottos Positives in this unit: a) The engine power and delivery is awesome, perfectly sized and powered, I say sized due to getting offroad at times a super heavy engine is not favorable on the front axle as it will cause it to sink I.E. in sand b) Cab AC works excellent compared to my old M2 106 c) The two Low Profile Mach 8 AC's have both worked very well and even running one on Low has kept RV cool in 90 degree weather though I am partially shaded, much better than my old Fifth Wheel with a new 15k AC, this also testifies to the insulation is MUCH better than I thought it would be d) Multiplex System is awesome, excellent design, I pray I never have issues with it though... e) Shower works well and I love that Bryan followed up and added a shut off on the shower head f) Bathroom fit an finish very nice g) Kitchen storage is much more than I thought it would be and drawers and cabinets are very nice and well made h) The beds, bunks, and dinette are very good, jury is still out on Theatre Seating but kiddos like it i) Tile floor is much better than I thought it would be highly functional for camping j) Bedroom storage is awesome very well done k) Outside storage is HUGE and very good, but needs a little stronger bottoms or additional bracing l) Window shades and sunscreens are very good m) Generator is very quite and excellent n) Aqua Hot works flawlessly, BUT should have two electric elements like the 600D so one could heat with electric only if desired o) Solar panels work well p) Finish on exterior is phenomenal q) Norcold Fridge works flawlessly on Auto switching between LP/AC as required and LP on the road works well to keep things cool Negatives about this unit: a) You can see black under the gray vinyl interior in the cab in several areas, like it was black originally then painted one coat of gray that didn't quite cover the black b) Wall Paneling joint behind sink counter right side of door is poorly fitted and makes all the finest work look shabby, just from one misfitted joint c) The Norcold 1210 Fridge doesn't cool as well as it should, but it looks limited due to sheer size and volume, they tried to make a residential fridge out of an RV fridge and physics came into play, it will not freeze ice pops for the kiddos, have had them in there for several days - it did freeze steaks I put in there and the sides have frost on them, but ice pops will not freeze? Maybe they're making ice pops out of antifreeze these days? (Side note fridge is completely FULL of food) d) Short flush doesn't work on toilet e) One tile is cracked completely across where sliding door pins to lock f) Top kitchen drawer is scuffed to bare wood at one end, approx 1" X 1/4" g) Not having two arm rest on Drivers seat is not favorable at all h) Steering/Front End hunts and requires constant correction i) Harsh knock under front end when hitting bumps or going over whooped/porpoised sections on roadways j) Hood vibrates severely on top mid section and shimmies constantly while under way, distracting and poor engineering design by Freightliner, or inner fiberglass bracing is separated? k) Propane Outlet is ran to entrance/passenger side but up under the slide out at rear of unit? lol...great job...I requested it be ran to just to left hand side of entrance steps so it would actually be as good as the Fifth Wheels have...Quarter of a Million dollar unit that cannot have a propane fitting beside the front steps so you can step outside, grill your meat, step back inside and eat, under the awning out of weather and sun...does that make sense? l) Seats sit too high and actually a Sportchassis Bostrum seat would be a much better option and would probably actually work better with a swivel than the super thick padded seats that are standard, would definitely be more functional...also only one arm rest? Not good... m) Some sort of a panoramic mirror for driver would be useful for monitoring interior when driving n) When autostarting Generator it gives one hell of a "bump" shaking the whole RV at startup o) Master Bed needs two hydraulic lift cylinder under it to hold it up same as Fifth Wheels have - so you aren't having to hold it up with your head while working under it p) Dinette Seats should have small door access in the side area so they don't have to be lifted to grab a bottle of water q) Dyson Vacuum suks literally I tested it against my Makita Battery operated and it was no contest at all (Makita out performs it EASILY): https://www.homedepot.com/p/Makita-1...FRyvTwodYF8IfQ This unit had to have tiles replaced, toilet reworked so it would flush, the rain guard over the door fell off on first trip. The unit has been in the shop for drive line vibration three trips, it is still there at this time...details can be verified easily: acwilli2@yahoo.com
- Ailan Cole Williamson, Texas

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