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Arce Sambilay from Texas says:

After 2 years of ownership the only repair has been a replacement of the RCA jacks to the TV from the stereo system. The fit and finish is very good

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After 2 years of ownership the only repair has been a replacement of the RCA jacks to the TV from the stereo system. The fit and finish is very good in the interior. No issues with cabinet doors or drawers. Gel coat/fiberglass walls are still in great shape and color with no delamination. No roof leaks or appliance breakdowns including the generator. We kept the trailer in storage with overhead protection and limited sunlight exposure. A/C is an upgraded 15k BTU unit that is necessary in hot climates like Texas. 18K BTU heater is more than enough for this size trailer. Water heater is equipped with with propane and electric heat. It allows for a 15 minute continuous shower with ample hot water when water supply is 40-50 degrees. Shower has enough room to accommodate someone up to at least 6'3"(tallest son) with inches to spare. This floor plan provides enough room for 4 adults to sleep comfortably. The trailer gets really cozy if 4 adults have to maneuver inside for a day's length of time (rain in). Bathroom and bedroom is fully accessible when hauling toys. Depending on what you haul (RZR570 for us), it may take up most of living quarters during transport. Trailer has roomy bay storage for your water/sewer/electric and other gear. Bathroom is tight but about average for this size toy hauler. Shower/bath tub combo is nice feature if you have to bathe small kids or pets. There is more than enough overhead/cabinet storage for an extended trip.( 2 week trip to Yellowstone with 4 adults). Refrigerator/freezer space is average so plan and place contents accordingly. Use of coolers is recommended for your canned/bottled beverages when on extended trips. I use the Blue Ox Sway Pro weight distribution hitch and the trailer tracks well when towing with minimal sway. Before upgrading my tow vehicle to F250 this trailer is manageable with a 1/2 ton (GMC 5.3L) equipped with towing pkg. The rear dovetail design and axle setup allows for some steep grade entry/exits to parking lots and entrances. We have had up to 4 adults and 2 kids sleep comfortably with use of air mattresses. Not recommended for greater than 4 adults if limited to inside trailer for the day (due to rain or bad weather). Living space is plenty with extended trips(month long) for 2 adults. Longest trip with this trailer has been 4 adults on 3 week trip to Yellowstone National Park (~ 3800 total miles). Dutchmen/Thor also makes an identical trailer (RUBICON model). Overall, I would buy this trailer again.
- Arce Sambilay, Texas

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