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Brenna from California says:

We have owned a 2018 Beyond/Crossfit 22D for three years. Driving/handling are excellent, but it will only tow about 2,200 lbs. The 3.7L normally-aspi

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We have owned a 2018 Beyond/Crossfit 22D for three years. Driving/handling are excellent, but it will only tow about 2,200 lbs. The 3.7L normally-aspirated engine does fine in the mountains. We get 15-16 mpg, but never drive over 65 mph. Cabinetry is hardwood and screwed together instead of stapled particle board. Uses many of the same sub-components as other RV manufacturers (Onan generator, Truma heating, Carefree awning, Dometic AC, etc.) so component reliability is hit-or-miss, but customer service at Coachmen has been outstanding and when we couldn't get to a dealer, we obtained prior authorization and were reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses without any complaint. Upgrades are integrated on a rolling basis, so knowing the year does not indicate exactly which items are standard. All come with 100W solar panel, microwave, TV, NovaKool electric refrigerator, factory-installed hitch, aluminum wheels, electric awning, and window and door screens. All have dual rear wheels and nearly all came with SuperSprings. Some may have the 3.5 L Ecoboost engine, induction cooktop, inverter, upgraded insulation, 200W solar, etc. Lithium is available, but we have the earliest version with two 105 AH batteries. They are skimpy, but easily replaced. Later versions had a 300 AH AGM. There are three floorplans: Rear Bath (22RB), Electric Couch (22C), and Twin Bed/Dinette (22D), we have the twin bed version. The beds are very narrow individually, but can be converted to a Queen. The awning is electric and unreliable, the generator is loud (we added a resonator to quiet it), the AC is loud (but seems to work well for us), the refrigerator struggles if we are parked with that side of the van in the sun. There is an outstanding FaceBook group for this RV and other owners are happy to assist newcomer questions. We had a C-Class before and I wouldn't go back. In my opinion, of all the B-Class options, this is one of the very best. It is easy for me (an older, small woman) to drive and park. It is also the most quiet of any vehicle we own, which is remarkable for an RV. If our Crossfit/Beyond were stolen/destroyed, I would buy another.
- Brenna, California

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