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2018-09-08 2018 Coachmen Adrenaline 25QB View Listings

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A pinata is built sturdier than this camper. It took over a month to get the camper after we bought it at an RV show because the track for the bed and dining benches was broken, then incorrectly repaired which broke it further. It was a hassle getting it fixed cause everyone pointed the finger at everyone else until my husband started cc'ing then all on every email. Once we received it we had to replace the main overhead light fixture cause it fell off the ceiling. Then we had to get a replacement track for one of the drawers. All of the trim is peeling off the walls. Every little bump leaves a dent showing the thick cardboard that is made to look like wood. The stove hood is falling off because the "cardboard" can't support the screws. And tomorrow we have to take it to an RV dealer to check the water pump as it sounds increasingly like a jack hammer. We have had this camper for six months and wonder if we'll be able to get back from California to Ohio with more than a frame. :'(
- Denise Orth, Ohio

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