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I was completely dissatisfied with how ATC treats it's customers. I bought a used camper from the auction, and customer service was very disrespectful for me. I understand that I didn't pay a penny to ATC per se. However does I mean that the customer should be left without support? Initially, ATC answered my questions (some of them incorrectly). When I emailed them then, they just stopped responding. When I called, in a very rude tone their answers were like "yes", "no" etc. E. g. literally : "What do you need?!" For me not responding to email is the same if at the street I ask a question in person and the respondent just turns his back and goes away. Especially if it is business-customer relationship. I said, I can call back when you are not so busy. ATC responded: "we are always busy!" By way of comparison, I bought a used Toyota. I have never paid money directly to the Toyota factory or even dealer. Despite that, Toyota resolved absolutely all of my questions when I contacted their headquarters. So now I recommend this car make to anybody I know. For the quality of the camper, they should improve their manual because it becomes a real safety issue. They literally say: "you can place on the roof anything you want". Well, previous owner put 3 solar panels on the roof and it was very difficult for me to lift it up. Their manual is just 6 PDF couple-page files, with no pictures, nothing. FWC has a 100 page manual. I used FWC manual to setup the camper, I called FWC and they helped me a lot. Later I visited FWC factory and they told me that founder of ATC long time ago worked for FWC. Then he just copied and pasted their technology. That's why FWC are constantly improving their technology while ATC just keep producing the same. Of course, copying is much easier than inventing new. I wouldn't trust to positive customer reviews about these campers. Most of them are at "wanderthewest" website forum, and ATC placed a link to reviews at this forum at their own website. However, this forum blocks negative customer reviews about ATC (which was my case).
- Oleg, New Jersey

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