2018 Prime Time Tracer 274BH Travel Trailer
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Stephanie Krahenbuhl from Washington says:

First I would like to start off saying that we were so excited to purchase a brand new trailer and get camping. We camp often and love having our tra

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First I would like to start off saying that we were so excited to purchase a brand new trailer and get camping. We camp often and love having our trailer it fits our family great. The first time my husband got on the roof to wash it about 1 year after owning it he noticed what appeared to be a large crack in the wood under the membrane and it looked like there were tape lines around the crack. We contacted prime time to see what we needed to do since now our trailer was 2 months out of warranty and they told us to take it to a dealership to have it looked at. We did and they also said it appeared to be a crack. We sent pictures to prime time and they came back and said there didn’t look to be a defect. We got back on the roof and took video of us being able to put my thumb in the crack and also push down on the roof and it moved. This area was about 1 foot long and clearly looked to have been taped over under the membrane. Prime time finally after several calls from me and the dealership we took it to said they would authorize the dealership to pull back the membrane and take pictures of the area. (Not fix it yet) For me that was unacceptable. We bought a new trailer and fully expected a roof that was completely intact. I placed several more calls to Prime time and talked to a few different people when they finally said that they will authorize 27hours to remove the membrane and fix the roof. Thanks goodness we had been going back and forth on this for almost 3 months. Dropped our trailer off with the dealership October 26th to be fixed. The dealership had problems even getting the membrane from Primetime. It was not shipped to them until December 18th. Once the work started to replace the wood that was cracked the dealership discovered a total of 4 areas on the roof that needed fixed. Mind you this is a brand new trailer. Come to find out they were not cracks at all but during manufacturing they plung routered looking for the vents but missed by a lot and just taped over the mistakes. That was the case in all four places on the roof. The dealership ended up replacing 4 pieces of wood and the whole membrane. Prime time did warranty the work but my concern is that if that poor of quality was just covered up what else is a problem. Now we are out of warranty and worried about what else will come up that is a result of crappy workmanship. I wish I could post pictures and video here for all to see. I would highly recommend anyone buying from this company to really look their product over well. Get on the roof something we didn’t do because it didn’t have a ladder and we just figured it was new there shouldn’t be any problems. We couldn’t of been more wrong. Save yourself the worry and headache of having to fight to get crappy workmanship covered by warranty.
- Stephanie Krahenbuhl, Washington

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