2018 Prime Time Sanibel 3651 5th Wheel
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We really like the layout and the quality of the structure itself. However, the finishes and the quality of the materials that are used are very very poor. Doors falling off, drawers not aligned, screws coming loose and falling out, screws in the control panel area were screwed into plumbing, cables not installed properly, satellite into the cable and vice versa. Slide screws coming out, shower door leaked because they did not caulk when it was installed. The installers should be fired. I have a 3 page list of poorly installed items. I sent the list to Forest River...no response. General RV is as piss poor as they come as well. The sales process was awesome and then it went downhill from there. They took more than a year to fix all the problems, then the manufacturer denied the the claims that were reported a week after delivery because the one year warranty period had expired because General RV took that long to fix the defects. I am still waiting on parts from 2 years ago. I will not buy another Prime Time (Forest River) Sanibel again. Drawers installed poorly, They were not aligned and wont close all the way. Doors coming off, and I noticed about half the hinges are loose and had to be tightened. Wine cooler, built in, not supposed to be. Poor ventilation, panel screwed onto frame missed 2 of the 4 screws. Had to remove panel because the thermostat is on the back side of the unit and not accessible. This should be installed on hinges in order to access the thermostat. Ice maker not hooked up. No water line was run to the back side or even near the refrigerator slide out. I installed it myself and it works great. Cables were installed improperly for the satellite and cable tv. The orange cable and black cable were switched. I was able to take care of this myself. Screws used to fasten the cable tv connector to the panel were too long. One of them was protruding into the plumbing fitting on the back side of the panel. Screws used in the control panel where water and cable tv hook-ups are located, are rusting within a week of purchase. This is an area that is wet often and stainless screws should have been used. I replaced the sub standard screws with stainless. Fireplace rotating flame has stopped working on the very first camping trip. There is no manual for the fireplace and no remote control. Screws were protruding through the floor in the bedroom closet. Whatever was being fastened to the underside, the screws were too long. This injured me and I could only use a hammer to force the screw back through the floor because it could not be accessed from underneath. Frosted glass in cabinet doors is easily damaged causing holes to appear in the glass. This should be protected with a film or plastic sheet to prevent frosted effect from damage from items rubbing against it. A lot of things move in an rv. First trip caused damage on bedroom door and on pantry door. Shower leaks, caulk needs to be used at each end because water in the door tray travels to each end and then finds its way underneath the metal, then travels to the front and falls to the floor along the front edge. Screen door screws came out of latch. Would not hold after trying to re tighten. Had to use bigger screws and glue to hold in place. There was also a lot of debris under the furniture or behind it that is difficult to clean because we don’t have a vacuum attachment long enough to get to it. The furniture is fastened to the floor. No corner trim on bottom edge of kitchen cabinets above stove top range. Rough edges are visible and cheap looking. The closet clothes rod was installed way too close to the door. There was about four inches of clearance and a standard hanger has at least 8 inches, so if you hang clothes up, you can’t close the doors. Screws are coming loose and falling out on the large bedroom slide trim, and the fender trim.
- Kevin Souder, Florida

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