2018 Prime Time Avenger 26BH Travel Trailer
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James Jones from Arkansas says:

Went to pick it up after purchasing and was informed I needed to wait 2 days for the pdi to be done(should have been done while I was filling out papa

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Went to pick it up after purchasing and was informed I needed to wait 2 days for the pdi to be done(should have been done while I was filling out papaerwork) I had already done the walkthrough and pointed out that the awning wasn't wired properly and they were supposed to fix that while I went home to get the truck. 2 weeks later it's still waiting on pdi, after a month I was allowed to pick it up. I have no clue what they inspected as it was dirty as hell trash in the cabinets(fast food bags, drink cups etc, etc, etc) keep in mind this was a new unit at the time first owner, I also notice the wall next to the fridge is short and the lighting behind the stove is crooked, oh and the awning was still wired backwards. Took it back waited 3 months, get it back and the speakers are now blown it is once more full of garbage and the black tank is so full of feces the shutter wouldn't close, cabinets gouged, doors missing and so on. The owner says it was lo led the entre time they had it and I must have filled the tank in the 12 hours it was at my house. 3 months later i pick it back up it is AGAIN TRASHED! And the outdoor kitchen is destroyed, it looked like they left the door open and hosed it. Now Alot of this is down to the dealer and uncaring repair staff, and as the sales people call her the dumb blonde b**** that runs parts, however the hot water heater quitting everytime I tried to use it that isn't, neither is the fact that the propane hoses leaked because of the way they bent them at the factory. I made my first 12 payments in the shop after the first one was made prior to re Irving it. And since it was out of warranty the bad kitchen faucet is on me to replace, and the fact that the wall in the cabinet on the left side of the bed looks like the wall leaks though I'm pretty it's more likely they used a bad price of wood. Oh gee and it took 9 months to get the black and grey tanks to read anything other then empty. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS HORRENDOUS COMPANY! I was told shortly after I pi led it up by forest river/primetime that the warranty starts the day it rolls off of their assembly line and ends as soon as it hits the dealers lot
- James Jones, Arkansas

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